Our adventure packages

Kungsgården Långvind offers wonderful adventure packages all year round!

Links below go to pages in Swedish. Use Google translate to get an idea of what the different packages are all about. Call us for details!

Wedding Packages

Långvind is the perfect place for a romantic wedding: church wedding in the chapel, civil marriage in the old smithy or in Långvind’s many scenic places.

Kungsgården Långvind helps to arrange contacts for the wedding – in the chapel, old smithy or scenic places – and with restaurants and others who can make the wedding ceremony to a feast and memory for life. We arrange accommodation at Kungsgården Långvind and other places in Långvind. We have a “wedding suite” for a couple’s wedding night at Kungsgården Långvind. We serve breakfast for up to fifty guests.

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Bicycle Packages
Hälsingland is a beautiful bike province, with lots of great bike paths, nice cafes and restaurants along the way, fishing villages and old farms worth visiting, flea markets and auctions, art and food artisans.

Kungsgården Långvind collaborates with Sweden by bike to offer attractive bike packages.

We also offer several bike packages on our own, starting from Kungsgården Långvind or using Kungsgården Långvind as a base for up to a week or more of bike adventures, or for a day or two of bike trips.

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Weekend Packages

Enjoy the wilderness and tranquility in Långvind, follow the flow and rapids of Långvind’s stream, discover the old ironworks from a bygone era, feel the ocean’s soothing waves, go fishing in the lakes or on a kayak trip, enjoy the Baltic Sea and beaches in summer, go on bike tours and hikes in spring, summer and autumn, try snowshoeing, ice skating and kicksled riding in winter.

Give yourself a nice treat: to a weekend, extended weekend or full week at Kungsgården Långvind on the coast of Hälsingland in an authentic ironworks environment from the time when Sweden was a great power of the Baltic.

Our weekend packages also include
• Art Tour Packages during summer and autumn
• Flea market, Antique market and Auction Packages primarily spring–summer–autumm
Autumn Holiday Packages in October–November
Winter Holiday Packages during winter
Easter Holiday Packages during two Easter weeks

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Pilgrim Packages

Pilgrimsvandring gavlebohamn

Hike along the classical pilgrimage trail to Nidaros, today’s Trondheim in Norway. In the Middle Ages there were four large pilgrime sites: Rome, Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela – and Nidaros. We hike on the Stråsjöleden, part of Saint Olav trails, which all lead to Nidaros.

Stråsjöleden begins on Korsholmen, southeast of Långvindsbruk. The trail starts at a stunning natural harbor (pictured), where the pilgrims landed in the Middle Ages.

We offer pilgrimage packages of up to four days, individually or in groups with an experienced hike leader, with Kungsgården Långvind as your base. The package includes accommodation, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, walking stick for the tour, pilgrim passport to take home and another things that go with a pilgrimage.

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Mushrooms Packages

Långvind with vicinity is excellent mushrooms country.

Kungsgården Långvind offers mushroom weekends with Monica Svensson, an expert on mushrooms. She arranges mushroom excursions, organizes exhibitions, lectures on the ecology of mushrooms and has an online store for mushroom enthusiasts. She has studied fungal ecology, fungal dyes, fungi as food and more at Umeå University.

We pick mushrooms in Långvindsbruk, west of Lindefallet, in the nature reserves of Boda, Bleckbergens urskog, Skvallerbäcken or other good mushroom spots.

We study mushrooms, learn to recognize edible fungi, confusion fungi and toxic mushrooms. We also learn about the fungal importance for nature and ecology.

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Hiking Packages

Kungsgården Långvind offers hiking packages with Kungsgården Långvind as a base for two to four days of hiking in Långvind and the surrounding area. The hikes vary in length and difficulty, from 3 to 25 kilometers and from asphalt roads to  paths and unpaved terrain.

The individual hiking days have in common that they start and end at Kungsgården Långvind, includes breakfast with that little extra and lunch.

Kungsgården Långvind has a restaurant for its residents, fully licensed, so you’re welcomt to a one-, two- or three-course dinner.

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Text and photo:
Jörgen Bengtson

Updated June 2, 2021