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Breakfast with a silver lining

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Breakfast with a silver lining, with over ninety ingrediens, is something we’re famous for. We serve our breakfast in the country kitchen or the restaurant on the ground floor in Kungsgården. This brunch will keep you satisfied well past lunchtime.

Breakfast is included in the price of the hotel room. Anyone who lives in the hostel can buy breakfast with a discount. We also welcome breakfast guests who’re not staying at Kungsgården Långvind – they need to book a day in advance.

During corona / covid-19 times, we serve breakfast on the terms prescribed by the Swedish Public Health Agency (FHM). Today, this means that we serve buffet breakfast, where you and your party are alone in the kitchen, after which we change used utensils. Alternatively, we can serve ready-made portions of what we have on the breakfast table, that you eat in your room or in one of our common areas. Breakfast is eaten mainly in the restaurant room, where we keep social distancing – least two meters away from others.

Compose the breakfast from what we offer below!


Locally produced, organic and fair trade products: We have over forty products that are either locally produced (marked *), organic (marked ºand/or fair trade products (marked ^, including three local schnapps from Tevesjö destilleri, Järvsö.

Hot drinks: Organic brewed coffeeº, instant coffee^, decaffeinated instant coffee, brewed tea, more than half a dozen different kinds of tea bags^ – including Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey, English breakfast, green tea, mint tea and herbal teas – as well as hot cacao plus compliment such as hot or cold milkº, sugar cubes, raw cane sugar pieces^, brown cane sugar^, honey*, sweetener and lemon juice.

Juice: Freshly squeezed orange juice with pulp and fresh apple juice.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt from Hälsingland*, Swedish sour milk from Hälsingland*, organic milkº, organic natural yoghurtº, light yoghurt, lactose-free yoghurt with lingonberry jam*, blueberry jam*, organic apple pureeº, pieces of gingersnaps*, homemade granola*, muesli, corn flakes, hazelnuts, walnuts, organic flax seedsº, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, organic chia seedsº, cinnamon, ginger and granulated sugar*.

Local/organic Eggs*º

Porridge*º and gruel, on demand.

Bread: Ten types of bread, from local, organic sourdough bread, freshly baked bread rolls, freshly baked wholemeal bread rolls, rye bread, traditional Finnish rye bread and five types of hardtack, including Leksands minirut*. During the summer we also serve our homemade crostini*.

Cheese: Two types of strong Swedish cheese, camembert cheese, chive cream cheese, garlic cream cheese and shrimp cheese*. During the summer we also have homemade cream cheese*.

Meat: Swedish roast beef* from Hudiksvall, locally produced sausage* from Delsbo or Gustafs and smoked, aged Black Forrest ham.

Herring and caviar: Three types of herring, one of which is homemade herring*, two types of caviar* – one of which has a high roe content from certified sustainable fishing – and kipper terrine or salmon paté.

Vegetables: Local cherry tomatoes*, Swedish cucumber, Swedish arugula/rocket salad, peppers, kalamata olives and organic, Swedish pickled cucumberº.

Marmalade: Four marmalades, including orange marmalade and cloudberry jam*.

Functional food juices: Blueberries and mango (Proviva).

Fruit: Grapes, apples, physalis/kiwis, oranges and organic lemons*.

Dessert: Local ginger snaps*, Italian almond biscuits, Swedish rusk/zwieback (Swedish “skorpa”), dark and light chocolate from all corners of the world^ and local candies from Hudiksvall*.

Lactose and gluten free: Lactose free yogurt is on the breakfast table. We also have gluten-free bread for those who ask for it in advance. We have lactose-free milk for those who ask for it three days in advance.

Vegan: We have a good selection of vegetarian products, which we supplement with additional vegan products for those who ask for it three days in advance.

Schnapps and champagne: We have a serving permit for breakfast, so you can have champagne breakfast or take a schnapps with the herring. We have both real champagne, Spanish cava and sparkling wine in a piccolo bottles, three classic Swedish schnapps and three kinds of organic schnapps from local Tevsjö distillery in Järvsö: Hälsingesnaps, London dry gin/Hälsingegin and Järvsö aquavit. Read more about this here!

Daily newspapers: For breakfast we serve fresh newspapers on tablets (iPad) with digital editions of the Swedish national dailies Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, and local dailies Hudiksvalls Tidning, Söderhamns-Kuriren, Ljusnan, Ljusdals-Posten and others. You can also read your local newspaper on our tablets.

Meals: Kungsgården Långvind offers dinners with starters, main courses, desserts and beer, wine and champagne –  we are fully licensed. Read more about this on the menue!

Updated August 2, 2020



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